Cheap Loans in Credit Comparison

If you have the idea of ​​taking out a loan, do so for a good reason: the available money is not sufficient to make large purchases. Or the available money is too scarce to pay bills that may come to you unexpectedly.

Basically, taking out a loan is an interesting option, as loans can be taken out relatively easily. Good Finance offers you the opportunity to carry out a free and non-binding loan comparison.

This enables you to easily and directly compare

This enables you to easily and directly compare

Which bank you would like to take out your best personal loan with. Another advantage: Completion at Good Finance is much less complicated than with a house bank. In the following, you will find all the important and relevant information so that your loan conclusion works smoothly and quickly.

The essentials in brief

  • You can also get the current interest on your loan from a loan comparison.
  • Before you take out a loan, you should compare your income and expenses (carry out a household bill).
  • There are both freely usable installment loans and earmarked loans for buying a car, for example – which are often cheaper.
  • The banks check your credit rating before lending.
  • Be sure to conduct a credit comparison to get the most favorable terms for you personally.

Tip: an account view leads to faster loan processing

Tip: an account view leads to faster loan processing

If you want to take out a loan, make a loan request online. However, it is still necessary for you to provide the selected bank with documents, such as bank statements or proof of salary, so that they can carry out the credit check.

With the account view you can significantly speed up the process. This gives the bank a one-time permission to look at your salary account. Here, the bank automatically searches for information such as salary receipts or current expenses. With the help of the account view, the loan payment is within one day on your account. All necessary steps take place completely online 100% digital and free of charge.

Tip: Not only are there no additional processing fees for the account view, on the contrary: the process saves you, but also the banks, a great deal of time and work. Of course, the bank has only limited access to the account information and may not pass the data on to third parties or use it for other purposes.

How much credit can I afford?

How much credit can I afford?

Of course, there is no general answer to this question. Because: The amount of the monthly installments in which you repay your loan depends on your personal budget. This does not mean your income, but your disposable income, which remains after deducting your monthly fixed costs. The following points will help you to carry out a personal household bill:

  • Income: net income, pension, pension benefits, rental income, other
  • Expenditures: rent, additional costs, savings plans, telephone costs, mobility (train, bus, car), groceries, clothing, furnishings, vacation and leisure investments, further credit installments

Quite simply put: if you deduct all your regular expenses from your total monthly income, you ideally get a surplus. This is the financial scope for a potential loan installment.

This calculation reflects the current financial situation. Nevertheless, you should take an honest look at the past. This helps you to find out whether there have already been payment difficulties. Each borrower sets different priorities when using the budget. Therefore, if payment difficulties have arisen in the past, a buffer should be built up. Even without past bottlenecks, it makes a lot of sense not to invest the full difference between income and expenditure in a loan.

Tip: think ahead too! If a source of income suddenly disappears – due to illness, unemployment or starting a family – this can also affect your credit planning. An aging car should also be considered to the extent that it may need to be replaced in the near future.

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